Taking A Look At Illusions 2 Slot

In the world of online slot games, there are thousands of different themes. This is because developers are constantly striving to out-do each other and set themselves apart from the rest in this highly competitive industry. However, some themes just tend to work well for this kind of casino game, and as a result, have spurned a number of different variations. Magic is one such theme. Everyone wants to have a little bit of magic on their side when they’re playing online casino games, which is why games like Illusions 2 slot by iSoftware fare very well amongst players. Below, you will find further information detailing the highlights of this game.

Game Structure

Online casino game developers have come to realise that when something works, it is best to stick with it and keep it as simple as possible. This is particularly true of the structures of online slot games. The simpler the structure, the easier it is for players to get straight into the game and enjoy it, instead of having to spend too much time trying to figure out what’s actually happening on the reels. Like most other games of this kind, Illusions 2 slot has five reels to it. Within these five reels are 30 paylines, but they are not fixed, so players have the option to play with one, five, ten, 15, 20 or 25.


Online slot games are created to be as convenient as possible for players. Games like Illusions 2 slot can be played on a range of devices, depending on what works best for the player. Going hand in hand with this level of convenience is the addition of features such as autoplay functionality. This means that instead of having to manually press the ‘spin’ button every time, players will be able to select this functionality and have the game automatically spin each and every time. In other words, the game will keep going on its own, and potentially winning plenty of money, until the player tells it to stop.

Wild Symbols

In every online slot game, players are always on the look out for wild symbols. In Illusions 2 slot, this symbol is represented by an image of white gloves. Wild symbols can help players win in situations where an ordinary symbol is missing from a winning combination, as the wild can fill in for it. However, it must be noted that it could come attached to one of three different multipliers valued at either two, three or five times. It is also possible that the wild will have no multiplier attached to it. Either way, the wild symbol will certainly help players increase their winnings without having to add any extra credits.

Illusions 2 slot game has a great theme that players are sure to love. Furthermore, it offers players a number of different ways in which to increase the amount of money they walk away from the game with, which is of course always a welcome factor.