Rubiks Slot – A Comprehensive Guide & Review

Rubiks Slot by Ash Gaming features a Rubik’s Cube which constantly spins different colours and combinations. The object of this slot is to get as many matching lines and sides as possible. This is the same as the real life Rubik’s Cube game.

The art style in Rubiks Slot by Ash Gaming is a cartoon style that utilises all of the colours of a Rubik’s Cube. Behind the cube, the player can see a sun burst of blue navy and light blue. To the left of the cube the player can see the line payouts.

One pays point four zero, two pays one, three pays two, four pays two point four, five pays three, six pays four, seven pays six, eight pays eight, nine pays ten, ten pays fourteen, eleven pays twenty, twelve pays forty, thirteen pays one hundred, fourteen pays two hundred, fifteen pays four hundred, sixteen pays two thousand and finally, eighteen is the jackpot and pays eight thousand. The higher the line payout gets, the brighter the colours are displaying the payout.

To the right of the Rubik’s Cube, the player can see the face payouts with one being ten, two being twenty and three being two thousand. Above the Rubik’s Cube is the name of this slot, Rubiks Slot. The colours of the title match all of the colours on a real life Rubik’s Cube. To the right of the cube is where all of the bonus information is displayed including how to activate the bonus and free plays.

At the bottom of the slot is additional information for the player. They have the option to change the audio settings, turn their stake up or down, utilise the autoplay function, activate turbo mode, or simply start the game by hitting the play button. The player’s winnings and stake are also displayed in this area.

Bonus Features

Rubiks casino slots game features some bonus features that players should take note of. The first bonus feature is in the form of a bonus game. This bonus game allows players to peel the stickers off the Rubik’s cube to earn extra cubes or even earn additional spins.

This bonus feature would be considered a mini game and it is activated randomly by chance. The player will see the progression of the bonus game activation by looking for Rubiks Slot blinking at the top of the slot. If the player wins free spins, the cube will start spinning by itself until the free spins have stopped.

The Game

One might think that since this game involves a Rubik’s Cube that being good at a Rubik’s Cube in real life might help you excel at this slot. While it’s definitely a neat skill to have, it will not help you in winning at this slot. This is, after all, a casino game, and it is down to luck as to whether you will hit big.

While this game does not have the reels you would expect from a traditional slot, it does still have three columns which the player uses to get combinations that are matching. Also, it does still have the paylines of a traditional slot which are outlined above. These paylines are nonprogressive.