Review of Treasure Room Online Slots Game for Beginners

Review of Treasure Room Online Slots

Treasure Room is a slot almost solely about treasure. For those players who love gold, gems, and priceless artefacts, Treasure Room is the perfect slot. The game is set within a temple that is overflowing with gold, with the entire temple floor covered in gold coins, rubies, emeralds, and jewellery. On top of this, all the symbols on the reels are themselves various treasures that include rings, treasure chests, helmets, shields, maps, and more. The colour of gold dominates the game, with even the text and buttons having a golden tint.

As far as features go, Treasure Room is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot that offers a 1000x jackpot. The game is powered by Betsoft, and is available through any modern online browser. The game is not available on most mobile platforms, it should be noted. Treasure Room comes complete with a number of bonus features that can be activated by playing the base game. A number of online casino websites offer the game for free, where players will receive a fixed amount of credit in order to practise the game. It is also possible to invest real money into Treasure Room.

Playing Treasure Room Slot

As far as gameplay is concerned, Treasure Room is similar to most traditional online slots or some Neteller pokies. Players can choose from a few different options in regard to betting. The first is a simple betting selection, where the player is able to choose the amount that they would like to bet for every round. The higher the amount that is bet, the higher the potential earned winnings can be. The number of active paylines can also be selected, with the option found to the left of the main betting option. Players can select the exact amount of paylines they would like active. Players should also keep in mind that the more lines activated, the higher the chance of landing winning symbol combinations.

To start the reels spinning, there are two options available. The first is a manual spin, which the player can select to begin every spin. Additionally, an autoplay button is included, and this allows the player to select a number of times the reels will spin automatically. A paytable display can be brought up by using the button in the top right hand corner. This will show players the rules of the game, the values of the symbols, and the combinations that are possible to land while playing Treasure Room slot.

Playing Treasure Room Slot

Treasure Room Bonus Features

The circular symbols in the game activate the special bonus mini game, and three are required to land across the symbols. Once started, the internet players are presented with three doors. The player can then choose one of the doors to open, and behind the door will be a guaranteed gem. Each gem is worth a certain amount, and is awarded to the player as an instant win.

For a large 5000X multiplier, players can use the Sword and Shield bonus feature. Once the Sword and Shield symbol appears three or more times on the reels, players have a small chance of receiving the huge multiplier, which is added to the total winnings for that round.

Treasure Room Verdict

This slot is for those players that love their slot games adored with gold, gems, and other precious commodities. Treasure Room features solid gameplay and satisfactory bonus features.