Play and Win with iPad Boule

Roulette fans will be very pleased to find out the details of iPad boule, as it is very similar to the game they hold so dear to their hearts. If you have no experience in either roulette or boule, or are new to enjoying this kind of entertainment by means of your iPad, there is good news for you too, since it is not only a very easy game to learn how to play, but you will be able to do so for free while you learn its ins and outs.

Do not worry about having to risk your own money while you try to memorise the rules and strategy, as the free and demo versions will enable you to master it in complimentary games until you are quite sure you want to switch over to real money games.

Learn How to Play Boule

Boule is the French word for ball, and iPad boule will surprise you with how easy it is to learn. It is particularly popular in France, but more and more players around the world are being seduced by the fun and real money rewards the game is able to offer.

The virtual equipment needed for the game are a wheel and ball, and you will find the betting layout prominently displayed when you begin iPad boule. The wheel is made up of 36 individually numbered pockets, in red, black or yellow. The numbers range from one to nine, and they are displayed alongside the pockets in consecutive order, with each number appearing four times.

The bets for iPad boule are very similar to those available for roulette, and each player will be required to choose a number, colour, odds, evens, low or high bet. Low bets cover the numbers one to four, high bets six to nine. Betting will be made before the wheel and ball are set to spin.

Strategy Hints and Tips for Boule

iPad boule is essentially a simplified version of roulette, and with this in mind it becomes clear that there is very little strategy required in this game. Where the ball comes to rest is entirely in the hands of Lady Luck, and you need only follow your gut when trying to decide where to lay your next bet. The enjoyment lies in the complete unpredictability of the game, and you will be pleasantly surprised at just how much fun trying to predict which spot the ball will come to rest on after the wheel has stopped spinning is.

The iPad is particularly well suited to the enjoyment of this game, as the large screen and mobility provided for allow an entirely new dimension to be added to it. You no longer need to fret about finding the time to sit down at your laptop or desktop computer, and can simply retrieve your device from your handbag, backpack or briefcase and log in to your mobile account whenever the opportunity presents itself. Enjoy safe and secure real money fun with iPad boule today.