Pharoah’s Fortune 10-Line Slot Review

There are many slot games in the world of online casinos that are themed around ancient Egypt because of the bright and beautiful colours the Egyptians used in all manner of their lives. Pharaoh’s Fortune 10-line is no different, using a plethora of recognisable Egyptian imagery. The reels themselves are set between two golden pillars laden with colourful jewels, all set within a temple. Symbols are comprised of Egyptian gods, such as Horus and Isis, which make up the symbols of higher value. For the lower value symbols, various hieroglyphics are used, and which maintain coherence with the general theme of the game.

Pharaoh’s Fortune 10-line is powered by online software developer IGT, and contains 15 paylines and 5 reels. While the game isn’t progressive, players do stand the chance to win the jackpot while they are playing.

Playing Pharoah’s Fortune 10-line

Gameplay starts off in Pharoah’s Fortune 10-line with the player setting the betting options to their preference. Moving from left to right, the first available option is the number of bet lines that will be active during rounds. This can be increased and decreased manually to the player’s liking. The more lines that are activated, the higher the overall bet will be, but it also means there is a higher chance of landing a winning combination during regular spins. This is the only betting option available to the player, but it is all that is needed.

After choosing the number of active bet lines, players can either use the large spin button in the middle. This button needs to be pressed every time the player wishes to start a new spin. Alternatively, players can use the auto spin button to the far right, which allows the player to choose how many times the reels will spin automatically.

Pharaohs Fortune 10-line Wild

As the game progresses, players have a chance of landing a special wild symbol, which is depicted as a glowing pyramid. This wild functions as a substitute for all other symbols in the game apart from the scatter, meaning that the wild can allow certain combinations to be completed.

Pharaohs Fortune 10-line Bonus Free Spins

It is possible to be awarded a number of free spins in Pharaohs Fortune 10-line casino slots, and this is done when a certain number of special symbols land during regular play. These symbols are shown as a Sphinx head, and the player will need at least three of them to land anywhere across the reels in order to start the bonus feature. A new display is shown, and players need to choose through stone blocks one by one, with each block awarding a different prize in the form of free spins or multipliers.

This feature continues until the player lands the block that starts the actual bonus round where the free spins and multiplier comes in to effect. The next few rounds also come with a default three free spins and a 1x multiplier.

Pharaohs Fortune 10-line Verdict

This slot is a strong edition to the list of Egyptian-themed slot games, and will provide many hours of entertainment.