LadyBug Adventure Slot Game Reviewed Thoroughly

Powered by iSoftware, LadyBug Adventure Slot is a 5 reel, 243 unfixed payline video slot, based on the popular animé. The Ladybug, also known as Merinetta Cheng, is a fictional character that is endowed with special powers due to magical earrings. LadyBug Adventure Slot brings that to life in the form of a classic slots game.

The game is centred on the Ladybug, featuring symbols, a soundtrack and a background associated directly with the animé series. Alongside the traditional numbers and letters that make up the lower value symbols, the higher value symbols are composed of characters from the Ladybug series, even featuring the titular character herself. LadyBug Adventure Slot also features free spins and bonus extras.

How to Play LadyBug Adventure Slot

The layout of LadyBug Adventure Slot is straightforward and easy to use, with minimal settings and options, allowing players to jump right in. Along the left hand side, four betting options are available, starting with a minimum bet of 0.50, and a maximum of 5.00. Right in the middle is a large spin button, with an auto spin option sitting just to the left. Players can either choose to spin the reels manually using the spin button, or choose how many automatic spins the game will play through the auto spin.  Further along, winnings are displayed, as well as an info button that brings up information about the game, such as the game rules, the possible combinations, and the value of different symbols. Players should note that due to the many unfixed paylines, choosing the active paylines across the reels is not possible.

Like reviewing odds at sites, choosing one of the four options is the first thing players will need to do in order to start playing, and then simply clicking the spin or auto spin button will spin the reels, which will come to a stop at random. Depending on which symbol combinations land at the end of every spin, players will either receive winnings, bonus content will be initiated, or the game will become ready for the next spin.

LadyBug Adventure Slot Bonus Games and Symbols

During regular play of LadyBug Adventure Slot, bonus games can be triggered depending on which symbols are landed. The three symbols players need to look out for during spins are the scatter, bonus, and wild symbols. The wild is shown as The Black Cat, a character from the series. The wild acts as a substitute for all other symbols except the scatter and bonus, and expands across an entire reel, allowing new combinations to be completed.

The scatter is depicted as a picture of the Eiffel Tower, and landing three or more scatters during regular play rewards the players with a set amount of free spins, depending on how many scatters land, which can be up to five at a time.

The bonus symbols in LadyBug Adventure Slot are featured as the titular Ladybug, and triggers the bonus game. The bonus consists of a fortune wheel that comes up on screen, and the player is able to spin this reel with the chance of earning extra winnings.

LadyBug Adventure Online Slot in Conclusion

Brightly coloured simple, and based entirely on the popular series, LadyBug Adventure Slot offers its players many hours of entertainment.