Is eSport Betting Considered A Sport?

The topic of whether eSport Betting is an actual sport or not, is still debated globally. However, many professional and amateurs that play video and online games as a sport will argue inconsiderably that this is a sport in its own right.

Some activists for eSports would advocate that video gaming should be considered a mind sport and that that it be recognised as an official sport. Since the start of eSports in 2002 this sport genre has grown significantly and in 2015 the first World Championship was hosted, the rest is history.

These eSports events almost always occur in front of live audiences and could be hosted in various formats.

What Type Of Bets Are Available?

eSports betting books offer a wide range of betting options, and there tend to be different betting options available at different betting houses.

Match betting is currently the most popular form of eSports Betting. In this type of betting you predict the outcome of an eMatch or electronic gaming event. More recently it has been seen that the leading sportsbook sites are running trails with “in play” betting options or so called live eSports Betting. This allows people to place bets on predicted events within a given match itself.

Live eSports Betting markets are very complex in nature and this takes time to develop, even in traditional sports. This means that there will have to pass some time before these live events will be widely available for all eSports Betting events.

You should shop around when it comes to eSports Betting stakes and events, as not all online eSports Betting sites offer bets on all the major events.

Can eSports Be Considered To Be Fair?

This is a very legitimate question, seeing that this type of sport is relatively new. There have been instances where accusations of match fixing were made. They key to successful eSports Betting is to play it safe and to familiarise yourself with the sport as well as the eSports betting sites you engage on.

It is fair to say that people will not bet money on an event if there is not some sense of reassurance that the  eSport being played, is fair.

For your own peace of mind there are a few key factors you should always concider.

  • Keep an eye on the growth of the particular esports prize pool – the more cash that is available and on the line for winning an event of match, the lower the chances of match fixing taking place. The more financial gain the eSport players stand to win, the smaller the chances of them throwing the game.
  • The traditional sports books join the eEvolution – in traditional sports betting major sportsbooks are committed to fighting dishonesty and fraud. When these traditional sports betting organisations join the eSports betting scene, this will give peace of mind that they come equipped and with the adequate resources to fight match fixing.
  • Increased regulation – as the Esports Betting scene grows, the prize pools increase as well. This will draw more and more attention to this new type of sport and this will also provoke more stringent regulatory action.