Discover Online Boule for a Novel Experience

If you haven’t heard of the casino game, boule, it’s not because it’s a new kid on the block; boule has actually been around for nigh on a century. The only reason why many people don’t know about it is that the average offline casino outside of France simply doesn’t offer it. But, since the advent of the internet casino, a whole new world of playing potential has opened up to us. So one place you will find plenty of boule is online.

Whether you’re a fan of its better-known cousin, roulette, and in the mood for something a little different or a first-timer who’d like to start out with a simple option, you’ll absolutely love online boule.

Find the Best Online Boule Casinos

Although online boule is far more prevalent than its offline counterpart, there are still many internet casinos that don’t offer it. The best place to track down all the sites that offer online boule is by visiting a few review and comparison websites and searching “boule”. These websites will also tell you which online boule casinos offer the best graphics, largest payouts, biggest welcome bonuses, free play, toughest security, and so forth.

Online Boule Couldn’t Be Simpler

Online boule is especially popular with newcomers to gambling because, although it is very similar to that glamorous casino staple, roulette, its rules and layout are far simpler.

Like roulette, online boule is a wheel game but the boule wheel has 36 recesses with three colours – red, black and yellow – and just nine numbers, repeated four times, on which to wager. There is no 0 in online boule but the 5, which corresponds to yellow on the wheel, serves a similar purpose.

For odds of 1 to 1, players can place bets on red, black, low, high, odd or even; for more exciting 7-to-1 odds, they can wager on any one of the numbers 1 through 9.  As with roulette, players make bets by placing their chips on the online boule table layout. When the dealer calls “Rien ne va Plus”, which means “no more bets”, it’s time to spin the wheel.

Online Boule Can Be Very Lucrative

Although the house edge with online boule is 11.11%, considerably worse than that of roulette, many people are more than willing to take the risk because, if they do win their bets, they may be paid out up to seven times their wager plus their original stake back. Few games can boast returns as handsome as those of online boule.

Try Online Boule for Free

The top internet casinos know that the best way to sell you on their games is to simply let you play them, free of charge. That’s why you’ll find that the online boule sites recommended by reviewers offer fun free play on all games so you can give it a spin without taking any risks until you’re ready. All you have to do is sign up for a free account with your chosen online boule casino.

Once you are ready to up the ante and play for real money, simply make a deposit via the fully secure third-party transaction service on offer and start playing via your web browser immediately or quickly download the game software.

How much money do you have to bet? Spin the online boule wheel and you could have eight times that in just a few minutes!