Da Vinci Diamonds Online Slot – A Hostric Game To Play

Leonardo Da Vinci is credited as one of the most brilliant minds in the history of mankind, creating everything from futuristic inventions to timeless pieces of art. Da Vinci Diamonds is focused on the latter, and symbols in the game are made up of some of Da Vinci’s most famous works. The slot is set within an intricate frame, adorned with colourful gems that represent the paylines. The symbols that are displayed as Da Vinci’s art are of a high value, while gem symbols make up the rest.

Da Vinci Diamonds is powered by IGT, and features 5 reels and 25 paylines that can be increased and decreased. The slot can be played for real money through various reputable online casino websites, but is also available completely free. To find more information about how to play the game, players can select the paytable button. This will bring up a new screen, which displays the rules of the game, the potential winnings combinations that can be landed, and the values of the different symbols. The highest possible payout players can receive comes in the form of the jackpot, and can go as high as 5000x the betting amount.

Da Vinci Diamonds Wild

Simply shown as the Wild, this particular symbol can act as a substitute for all other symbols in the game, with the exception of the scatter. Landing the wild can allow the player to complete combinations that would be otherwise impossible to finish.

Da Vinci Diamonds Scatter

The symbol adorned with the words Bonus represents the scatter, and is required in order to trigger the bonus content within Da Vinci Diamonds.

Da Vinci Diamonds Cascading Reels

One of the most popular features in modern online slot games, cascading reels are reels that are replaced from the top down as the CA online casino games plays, as opposed to simply spinning like in most slots. While it doesn’t technically change the gameplay of the game, it adds an extra bit of entertainment, allowing players to watch in anticipation of what symbols will replace the ones that have gone off the reels.

Free Spins In Da Vinci Diamonds

While playing Da Vinci Diamonds, it is possible for the player to trigger free spins by landing the scatter symbol. Three scatter symbols are required to land on the reels two, three, and four during a regular game. Once enough scatters have landed, players instantly receive a set amount of free spins. Due to the nature of the cascading reels system Da Vinci Diamonds uses, it’s possible to continually earn extra spins many times in a row. The free spins bonus is the fastest way to earn big winnings quickly.

During the bonus free spins round, many of the symbols change appearance. The gems change their colour, and the artwork changes to different works by Da Vinci.

Da Vinci Diamonds in Conclusion

Da Vinci Diamonds will quickly become an addictive slot for many players. The cascading reels, the lovely imagery, and the bonus free spin rounds all works together to create an enjoyable experience.