Choosing a Roulette System

As with many casino games, Roulette has certain strategies that can be utilized by players in order to increase chances of winning. A strategy of this type is known as a Roulette system.

Designed by professional Roulette players, mathematicians and those who have an interest in the way games of chance play out; a Roulette System is the combination of years of calculations and experience to form a strategy. These systems are well known and are available online, although mastering them takes practise and expertise. These strategies can be employed in online Roulette games to full effect.

The Martingale Strategy

The Martingale Roulette system is about earning back all losses as well as gaining a small profit. Considered as one of the more basic strategies a player can employ, it relies on doubling bets in a 50/50 chance game.

With the ease of choosing bet selections on online Roulette games, this strategy can be put into good use. With a high maximum bet and a small minimum bet, players have the chance to double their bets. As you increase the bet after every loss, your gain the chance to recoup all losses and walk away with a small win.

Flat Betting

Flat betting involves placing bet amount over and over again, with a hope of scoring a win after enough rounds. This can employed quite easily with online Roulette games, as some even have an autoplay function. Flat betting can be a dangerous way to play Roulette, but landing a win means a big win for the player.


The Fibonacci Roulette system is considered safer than other Roulette systems. This strategy involves using the Fibonacci sequence whereby you take two numbers and add them together to gain a larger number, but done consecutively. Using this sequence, players can continue adding bets higher and higher. This can mean loss after loss, but hitting a win means a very big win.

Labouchere System

The Labouchere Roulette system is complex and designed more for players who enjoy planning and calculating their Roulette experience. It involves a fair bit of planning and creating certain rules and parameters that must be adhered to during play. Due to the nature of this system, it can only be applied to blank and red, odd or even, and on certain numbers. It’s important that the calculations used to play this strategy add up mathematically.

Using The Roulette System Online

The strategies mentioned above are a small portion of the number of strategies that players can use. Each one of these strategies can be used effectively on online Roulette games. Some of the strategies may even work more efficiently with online games as opposed to their physical counterparts.

With many free online Roulette games available, and with most free Roulette games giving their players a set amount of in-game money to use, strategies can be planned out step by step. With practise on these games, players can learn to perfect the available systems and even use them during real money online games.